• Subject: null
    Date Posted: 2022-05-17
    City: null
    Category: null
    Description: null
  • Subject: Looking for a Nanny in Roundrock area
    Date Posted: 2022-02-07
    City: Austin
    Category: other
    Description: I am looking for a part time nanny for my days old baby on week days from 10 PM to 6 AM minimum 3 days a week. If the following work for you, please provide the best way to contact you and a suitable time to speak: 1. We live in the Roundrock area. So you must be okay with the commute and are fully vaccinated and follow COVID protocols if needed when near baby. 2. Must have prior experience taking care of new born babies along with awareness about safety measures. 3. Provide at-least 2 references
  • Subject: Great job
    Date Posted: 2015-08-29
    City: Other
    Category: other
    Description: This site was a big boon for us for figuring things in Dallas. We are very grateful. Thanks a lot.